selected works

Trivia, Voices of Feminism:  (pre)Occupation 2013
Doldrums, horse latitudes, and tropics

Best Hikes With Dogs – Arizona 







High Country News reviews + articles + profiles
A Life Aloft
Stalking the boojum in the Sonoran Desert
Private landowners become lords of public estate
Bonelight: Ruin and Grace
Mark Klett’s photographs trace the passing of time
Soul food on the range
Voice of the Butterfly
At home in the valley

Arizona Daily Sun reviews + profiles
Art Exelencia
Sojourner confesses her ‘Rituals of Loss and Desire’
No rivers runneth over

Blue Guitar Magazine  poetry
Mont-Blanc, The Irises’ Last Inaugural

Founding editor, Dry Heat: An Arizona Journal of Ecology & Social Issues

Smith Magazine  published entries
Six words to inspire a nation: America’s story is still being written
Six words on love and heartbreak: my stockings looked better on him

Various  research + production assistance
Selected Letters of Vanessa Bell, Regina Marler
Bloomsbury Pie, Regina Marler
Merritt College: Home of the Black Panthers, Peralta TV
 I’m Just Anneke and The Family Journey, Jonathan Skurnik Productions


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