learning to walk

I’m going forward, and at the same time, away. Away from the urban quotidian. Away from mis/conceptions I hold about my own life, or my career, or even about time. I’m moving now toward a noisy creek that’s draped in an emerald veil, an open vein of life-giving waters that spill over the skin of the desert. This is […] Read More

twilight ‘zonie, a borderlands ballad

Even for Blythe, California, I looked like rough trade: eyes glazed, hands shaking, smeared lipstick. The cool breeze on my way into the Starbucks didn’t do much to relieve my shock, but the caffeine—reliable as hell—snapped me back into my body. Just under 20 miles before the Lovekin exit— “911 operator, what’s your emergency?” “I […] Read More